Find a Ladyboy

Enjoy the company of a beautiful ladyboy on your vacation or get yourself a wife that knows what a man wants.

At this page, you can read what a ladyboy is, and why they know so much about what a man wants. You can also read where you can find a ladyboy. Whether you want a ladyboy to accompany you on your vacation or you want a ladyboy for a real relationship. And, finally, you can read about the transformation from boy to ladyboy.

What is a ladyboy?

A ladyboy is born as a boy, but she considers herself a girl/woman in her mind. Due to the wonders of modern medicine, it is possible to transform the body to match the mind.

Ladyboys are generally more sexually aggressive and adventurous than girls. They have grown up as boys, and thus not raised to be "good girls". They are more sexually provocative, more willing to experiment, and less inhibited than girls are. Even more so if you compare them with their natural Asian sisters.

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A Ladyboy for a vacation

If you want to experience the company of a beautiful ladyboy for fun only, your best bet is a vacation in South East Asia, like in The Philippines or in Thailand.

You can find a ladyboy on a dating service. Mizz Thai and Mizz Filipina have specialised in establishing contact between a tourist and a partner for your holiday in Thailand or The Philippines.

Especially in Thailand, you will find an abundance of ladyboys in the nightly entertainment areas targeting tourists, and especially in the entertainment areas in Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong. In The Philippines, you can find ladyboys in Angeles City, Cebu, and Boracay. The ladyboys you find in the nightly entertainment areas will expect compensation for the time they spend with you.

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Please be aware, that a few of the ladyboys have a bad reputation. Do not carry a large amount of cash or have cash lying around in your hotel room. The same goes for smartphones, cameras, laptops and other expensive equipment.

If you feel intimidated contacting ladyboys in the entertainment areas, you can find a ladyboy at a dating site. Please, do not give her the wrong impression. If you are not looking for a real relationship but only for some holiday fun and experimentation, be upfront about it. This will also result in a better experience as you will get to meet a like-minded ladyboy.

If you are interested in a ladyboy with or without a penis, you will have to ask the ladyboy whether she has had the operation.

Please be aware that ladyboys in the nightly entertainment business have had many partners, and sexual transmitted deceases are very common, including HIV. Always use protection.

A Ladyboy for a real relationship

Ladyboys are not limited to certain places or jobs. You can find them everywhere in society, especially in Thailand. Many works in traditionally female jobs like fashion stores or perfume shops, but they also work in factories, in offices, and even as models. You will also find many working in the nightly entertainment business, either because of the lifestyle or because they can earn more money for the expensive operations that way.

It can be difficult to meet and get to know ladyboys that are working in ordinary jobs. Meeting them in the nightly entertainment business is much easier, although it may not be easy to know if they are interested in a serious relationship. Besides, you may not be interested in a girlfriend with that kind of business experience.

Another way to meet a ladyboy for a serious relationship is through a dating site, where you can get to know each other before meeting in real life. That is especially practical if you live in the West and you are looking for an Asian ladyboy.

Please be aware that scammers roam dating sites. The scammers may be posing as girls, men, or ladyboys. Do not send money or any other valuables to anyone you have met on a dating site unless you know her well and have already met her in real life. This includes plane tickets.

You should meet her the first time in her country. Take a vacation to where she lives in order to find out whether there is a sparkle in real life and to see whether she actually exists. If it is not working, you can easily go home or you can try to find another ladyboy before going home. If you have her come to your country for the first meeting, it is much harder to get rid of her if it is not working.

The transformation from boy to ladyboy

The first and most important step in the transformation is hormone treatment. Ladyboys take anti-androgen hormones in order to suppress the testosterone hormone, and they take female hormones in order to develop female features.

How successful the transformation is, depends on how early hormone treatment is initiated, as most of the male features developed in puberty cannot be reversed.

In the West, it usually takes several years before you can receive hormone therapy, and you have to be of legal age. In many Asian countries, there is no waiting period, as you can often buy the hormones without a prescription. Many ladyboys in Asia started taking hormones in their early teens.

Therefore, you will often find the most beautiful ladyboys in Asia, predominately in Thailand. Actually, the Asian ladyboy can be more beautiful in the eyes of a Western man than his natural sisters are due to the early influence of male hormones. Thai girls are often short with short legs and somewhat chubby cheeks. The Asian ladyboy are taller than his Asian sisters are, have longer legs, and a square face that is more in line with Western beauty standards.

Hormones can only do so much

Some ladyboys never go beyond hormone treatment, while others get additional treatments and operations.

It is possible to remove facial hair more or less permanently by laser hair removal or electrolysis. Voice training can result in a female sounding voice. Breast implants are by far the most popular operation. A tracheal shave can reduce the size of the Adam's apple, and of course, there is the big operation with removal of the penis and creation of a vagina.

The created vagina look in every way as a real vagina, you cannot tell the difference by looking at it. However, not all ladyboys go through the total transformation with the removal of the penis and the creation of a vagina.